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Aussie man claims he received ‘threats’ after entering his cat into Sydney Northern Beaches dog swimming event called the Scotland Island Dog Race

Gus the cat is best known for entering a dog swimming race on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. But this year the famous feline has been scratched by his owner Glenn Druery amid fears locals could get catty. “It’s local yobbos vs a little cat,” Druery told A Current Affair. Glenn Druery and Gus the cat. (A […]

The Year Ahead: Politics in 2023

Trudeau, Poilievre, and the fight for democracy take centre stage The Smith-Notley fracas escalates in Alberta as Trudeau wages multiple battles federally. Meanwhile, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continues to reverberate around the world, while cost-of-living woes dominate on the home front. 1. The highest-stakes election will be in Alberta Maybe by the time Albertans head to […]

Charges from domestic incident dropped against former Charlie Crist campaign manager Austin Durrer

The charges against former Charlie Crist Campaign Manager Austin Durrer were dismissed last week in Dorchester County, Maryland Circuit Court, records show. Durrer exited the Crist campaign in October, just one day after being arrested as a result of a domestic dispute. Both he and his significant other, Jackie Whisman, were charged with second-degree assault […]

NSW: holding Farage to ransom

There’s something pitiful about the ‘great state of NSW’ knotting its knickers over a political figure that passes as a living version of cheerful Middle England. ‘If this happened in my country this would be a front-page story on every national newspaper…’ said Farage, after he wandered into the clutches of the Blue Mafia in […]

Quebec’s 60-year war against the English language

Breadcrumb Trail Links NP Comment Quebec politics has perpetuated the oppression myth and exaggerated demographic angst Author of the article: John Weissenberger, Special to National Post Publishing date: Jan 10, 2022  •  2 hours ago  •  13 minute read  •  15 Comments Demonstrators gather outside the Bell Centre in Montreal to protest the unilingual English-speaking interim […]

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